I am terribly obsessed with bags (I know you all are too), and I am constantly looking for the latest ‘IT’ bag to update my accessories collection.

However, one of the bags that I think about the least but probably get the most use out of is my trusty cosmetics case. This little accessory follows me on a daily basis, no matter where I go. Unfortunately, I don’t take very good care of it.

I always take it for granted and abuse it to exhaustion before scrambling to buy a new one; I don’t want to be caught with a grimy, makeup stained pouch at the dressing area!

Check out these 9 stylish make up pouches that are worthy of your luxury bags.

1. Nylon cosmetic case, $110 from Tory Burch

2. Nylon cosmetic bag, $68 from Diane von Furstenberg

3. Faux leather pouch, $19 from Mango

4. Laminated grosgrain pouch, $103 from Kate Spade

5. Fabric pouch, $34 from Shopbop

6. Lambskin case, $615 from Bottega Veneta

7. Textured PVC cosmetic bag, $39 from Mango

8. PVC pouch, $60 from Ted Baker

9. Printed cosmetics case, $355 from Givenchy

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