Fine jewellery has always been the ultimate goal for many women, including myself. There’s just something so inherently seductive about these luxurious and delicate things that take my breath away.

After years of buying fashion jewellery, I am at a point in my life where I feel like I can, and should to start investing in fine jewellery. I want to own a forever piece that I can wear for a long time to come. However, when I think of fine jewellery, I immediately think of the crème de la crème of fine jewellery and it often seems to come with an unattainable price tag.

Here’s the good news — fine jewellery from luxury heritage houses needn’t cost a fortune. We have sourced out 9 amazing pieces that cost less than $4,000. While that amount is not trivial, it is a dignified sum of money for luxurious materials cast in classic designs that you can buy now, and wear forever.

#1 Juste un clou ring in 18K yellow gold, $3,150 from Cartier

Just a nail — the literal translation of Juste un clou. The nail is used a symbol for beauty in its barest, clearest state. This ring also comes in rose gold and white gold.

#2 Trinity de Cartier ring in pink gold, white gold and yellow gold $2,170 from Cartier

With pink gold for love, yellow gold for fidelity, and grey gold for friendship, the three Cartier-stamped bands form an essential bond, this ring is perfect for a couple’s special occasion.

#3 Love bracelet 18K yellow gold chain bracelet, $2,240 from Cartier

The Love bracelet features two interlocking rings on a chain that serves to sanctify inseparable love. This delicate bracelet also comes in pink gold and white gold.

#4 Perlée variation ring in yellow gold with malachite stone, $3,300 from Van Cleef & Arpels

The Perlée collection has always been recognizable by its delicate golden beads, lending their silhouette to jewellery that is cheerful and feminine. The lush green hue from the malachite stone complements the yellow gold seamlessly.

#5 Happy Diamonds “Eye” necklace in white gold set with a 0.05-carat moving diamond, $2,820 from Chopard

The designers of the Happy Diamond collection were inspired by sparkling drops of water in a waterfall, hence the birth of the ‘floating’ diamonds concept. This eye pendant in 18K white gold holds a freely moving diamond.


#6 Happy Diamonds ring in rose gold set with 0.13 carats of diamonds, $3,690 from Chopard

This timeless and unique piece from the Happy Diamonds collection is finely crafted from polished 18K rose gold, and frames a subtly bulging crystal revealing three freely moving diamonds.

#7 Miss Happy earrings in white gold set with 0.06 carats of diamonds, $3,650 from Chopard

The Miss Happy jewelry line is a charming take on the Happy Diamonds collection. The delicate heart-shaped motif of these heart-shaped earrings in 18k white gold holds the signature moving diamond within it.

#8 Crown key pendant in 18k rose gold with diamonds, $3,650 from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. re-launched the Tiffany keys collection recently. Originally introduced in 2009, the Tiffany Key pendant serves to symbol to remind its wearer of all that she’s accomplished, and of the many accomplishments yet to come.  

#9 Possession ring in 18K white gold set with brilliant-cut diamond (approx. 0.04 ct), $3,750 from Piaget

This amazing ring carries its diamond on a rotating band in the middle of the ring. This avant garde concept but classic shape is bound to be a conversation starter.

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