Finding the motivation to exercise can be extremely difficult when you’ve just survived a long hard day of work. All you probably want to do is to go home and curl up on the couch with your TV’s remote control in hand.

However, women these days are leading a more active lifestyle than ever before and I believe that stylish workout wear is one the contributing factors. Fitness is having a moment in fashion right now; there are more ways than ever to look good while exercising.

Just as you might buy a cute floral dress and look for an occasion to wear it, swapping out those unflattering oversized t-shirts and shorts for well made, trendy gym attire might make you want to skip straight to the gym to show them off!

Here are 9 stylish looking pairs of workout pants that you will make you WANT to go to the gym!

1. Zoe supplex lycra legging, $124.12 from Revolve Clothing

2. Blue Life polyamide spandex legging, $222.61 from Revolve Clothing

3. Nux poly spandex legging, $90.39 from Revolve Clothing

4. Polyester elastane legging, $68.93 from Puma

5. Run Lux Tights, $199 from Nike

6. Polyester legging, $39.90 from H&M

7. Polyester jogger pants, $118.48 from Adidas

8. Superdry cotton sweat pants, $107.68 from ASOS

9. The Upside stretch jersey legging, $162 from Net-A-Porter

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