These days, we are all about the mini, the micros and the nanos. Designers have been shrinking the size of their classic bag silhouettes into adorable fun sized crossbodies and they have been a total hit in the fashion world.

While the bags get smaller, to the point where they can’t even fit a regular iPhone 6 (read: Dior’s newest micro bag that measures only 5.5 inches), they can only go so far. There remains an elegant allure about the way a clutch bag can be designed and carried that sets it apart from these trending tiny bags.

Here are 8 classic clutch bag styles that have withstood the test of time.

1. Satin snakeskin trimmed clutch, $2,200 from Bottega Veneta

2. Acrylic clutch, $1,200 from Jimmy Choo

3. Satin embellished clutch, $2,119 from Roger Vivier

4. Lambskin clutch, $3,385 from Alexander Mcqueen

5. Lambskin clutch, $1,560 from Balenciaga

6. Calfskin clutch, $2,550 from Saint Laurent

7. Grained leather clutch, $1,500 from Givenchy

8. Calfskin studded clutch, $2,280 from Valentino

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