7 tips to know when shopping for jumpsuits

Pick the right jumpsuit for you with these top tips. Images: ST/ Desmond Foo

1. Women with narrow shoulders should avoid cut-in sleeves, while those with broad shoulders should avoid jumpsuits with shoulder pads, says Ms Lani Chan, Head of Club 21 Style Services. Such designs emphasise the narrowness or width of their shoulders, respectively.

2. Curvy women should go for jumpsuits cinched at the waist and made of knitted fabric, which will contour around their frame and not add extra bulk, says stylist Anna En. Jumpsuits with wider pant legs will give the silhouette more movement.

3. Those with boyish figures should pick jumpsuits with stiffer, woven fabrics, says Ms En. Avoid soft, drapey fabrics as it will look like “the jumpsuits are wearing them instead”. Adding a belt will give the illusion of wider hips. Jumpsuits with straight-cut, tapered pant legs will accentuate their slim legs.

4. Jumpsuits should be worn with heels to elongate one’s frame. Very tall women can opt for flats or brogues.

5. Go for modern-looking accessories like cuffs, or those with more form and embellishments, especially if the jumpsuit is made of a drapey material, says fashion stylist Evon Chng.

6. The hem of wide-legged jumpsuits should cover your heels, while the hems of more slim-fit cuts should cover the ankles.

7. Wear appropriate lingerie to prevent visible panty and bra lines, or unsightly muffin tops.

Photographer DESMOND FOO; Stylist EVON CHNG/www.evonchng.com; Styling assistants ALISSA TAY and NURUL FATHIN; Make-up and hair SHA SHAMSI/ www.sha-shamsi.com using Burberry Beauty and Sebastian Professional; Model GONG YU/Mannequin

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