Sunshine season is in full swing and the beach is calling even in sunny Singapore. And yes, we know that the dreaded swimsuit hunt has begun. Swimsuit shopping is always so painful. It often involves a lot of questions, dressing rooms with stark lighting that are super unflattering, and that nagging voice inside that keeps saying, “I should be on a diet and hit the gym more before I wear a bikini…”

Trust me, I know exactly how it feels. It’s really not easy to find a flattering cut and fit that gives you confidence and makes you look your best. But don’t worry ladies, there is no need to have a swimsuit-season meltdown!

I have done the legwork for you; these seven flattering bikinis will help with the 7 common problems that you feel conscious about, while flaunting your assets! So that you’ll have all eyes on you, but only where you want them.

1. If you’re small chested

70s Floral Print Frill Triangle Bikini Top, $39.11 from ASOS

If you are member of this committee, finding a swimsuit that flatters your bust really isn’t all that hard. In fact, you have more options to play around with because your best bet is a top with ruffles or embellishments, so that it adds volume to give the illusion of a larger chest. If you are someone who prefers a plain design, try some padding on the inside to make your bosom look fuller.

2. If you’re big chested

Print Halter Bikini Top, $94.00 from K.blu (bottom sold separately)


If you are heavy on top, ditch the itsy bitsy bikinis for something with more support. Go for styles like halter bikini tops with thicker and wider straps or tops with underwire to ensure that it will lift and support where you need it most.

3. If you have tummy flab

Candy stripe longline bikini set, $73.88 from ASOS

Don’t be shy: Singapore is known for its delicious food and sometimes we get a little carried away with eating. To conceal your tummy flab, high waisted bottoms and one piece swimsuits will do the trick. For optimal effect, wear styles with ruching details to help keep things tucked in. Make sure it extends above your belly button to prevent a muffin top.

4. If you have broad shoulders

Lipsi colour block one piece suit, $350 from Tory Burch

You can soften your strong silhouette and create a curvy illusion to your boxy frame by wearing ruffles or bow details near your hips and bust to take away the focus from your shoulders. You can also opt for a one piece suit with paneling at the sides to create the look of an hourglass figure.

5. If you are bottom-heavy

Ruched high rise bikini brief, $78.70 from J Crew

Your BMI might be in the healthy range. Yet you always feel conscious of your lower body as you are very curvy at the hip area — with a well endowed butt to boot. Embrace the curves girl! String and high-cut bikinis can often be uncomfortable, and a bit too revealing. Look out for bikini bottoms that are of a solid dark colour and pair these with a printed top to balance out your curvy booty.

6. If you have a boyish bottom

Print Racer Back Bikini Bottom, $90 from K.blu (Top sold separately) 

If your assets in this department is lacking, amp it up with some frills, ruches and loud vibrant prints. If you are confident enough, showing a little cheek is encouraged! It will definitely add some curve to the flat butt.

7. If you have a short torso

Neon surf hipster bikini bottom, $78.70 from J Crew

Sometimes our proportions are not naturally balanced, so we have to employ nifty tricks to make it look that way. The trick to elongating a short torso is to wear low-rise bottoms that cut high on your hips to expose so much legs as possible. Avoid boy cut bottoms that will make your legs look shorter than they are.

Now you can soak up the sun feeling absolutely fabulous in a bikini!

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