jelly bunny singapore.jpg

The Jelly Bunny store at Plaza Singapura. Image: Jelly Bunny 

If you still can’t get enough of jelly shoes, this new store is definitely one that you have to visit.

Set to open from November 21, 2014 at Plaza Singapura, the Thai shoe and accessories brand Jelly Bunny has now set up its first shop in Singapore with a range of shoes and bags that are nearly as girly-sweet as its name.

It’s definitely a brand for those who must have pastels and all things sweet in their life. Just like that enduring obsession with Hello Kitty, for you’ll never imagine the day where you’ll tire of its winsome cuteness. 

Another perk: These jelly shoes are super affordable too, with prices that range from $15.90 to $74.90 for its footwear.

Jelly Bunny Sarah shoes story.jpg

Ballerina jelly flats from Jelly Bunny. Image: Jelly Bunny

Made of eco-friendly PVC (poly vinyl chloride), these shoes are said to be pliable, comfortable and can be washed with just soap and water.

The latest Fall Winter 2014 collection loosely draws inspiration from beloved children’s fiction classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

You’ll find pastel shoes that you could easily imagine on the feet of the eponymous heroine, as well as jelly flats adorned with gold bows, mosaic hearts — inspired by the Queen of Hearts of course — and sparkly diamante studs.

Besides the signature ballerina flats, you’ll also find a selection of wedges, heels and slippers in store.

Jelly Bunny circle bags.jpg

Jelly Bunny circle crossbody bags. Image: Jelly Bunny

Jelly Bunny also retails wallet-friendly shoes for kids (from $12.90) and bags (from $54.90 to $114.90) as well as wallets and smaller accessories to grab; we predict mums will love to buy these matchy pairs of shoes and bags for themselves and their dear little tykes.

Jelly Bunny will open from November 21, 2014 at Plaza Singapura, #B1-03/03A. For more information, go to and follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook.

See the 7 fab shoe styles you’ll love to try on when the store opens in our gallery below.