The team at herworldPLUS is always looking for the next supercool thing to add to our wardrobes, desks, lives which is why we’re super excited about the new Tokyo 3.0 shop-in-shop on our online store SheShops.

Tokyo 3.0 is the brainchild of Yoshio Yokobori, an international brand consultant based in Tokyo who spends more time in the air than anyone other than a pilot as he travels around Asia snapping up emerging labels for major stores around the world.

Yoshio’s teamed up with online retailer Inverted Edge and Manifesto, a new concept store opening in Singapore in February 2015, to curate a bunch of super cool emerging Japanese fashion and lifestyle brands just in time for Christmas shopping.

Here are our picks for accessories, bags, sunglasses, beauty and homewares that will give your life a Tokyo-cool edge …


7 cool accessories brands with a Tokyo vibe GILET

Created by Takayuki Katsuki, an expert on military-style apparently, Gilet is a brand that “re-makes” American vintage pieces into tote bags, zip pouches and cute hats. Everything is made by hand in Japan in small numbers making them unique; the perfect accessory for hipsters.


7 cool accessories brands with a Tokyo vibe GALA

Imagine the coolest cushion ever and Gala will have it. With prints created by artist and DJ Yoshiro Nishi (he’s done album covers for Boys Noize), these super big geometric cushions are perfect to add a touch of whimsy to your home or office. We love the Saturn cushion – it comes with its own set of rings!


7 cool accessories brands with a Tokyo vibe MATATABI

Cult accessories and bag brand Matatabi is recognised for its cool “photo-real” prints on recycled paper ‒ yes paper; but it’s been cleverly treated so you don’t need to worry about water damage. There are double-sided clutches that look like magazines, cute zip pouches and these awesome “aluminium” bags that look like crumpled paper; they’re all super cool.


7 cool accessories brands with a Tokyo vibe INARI

Looking for supercool sunglasses? Inari eyewear is minimal with a retro feel, think thick acetate rims and classics resized for a sharp modern look; the sunglasses come in neutrals like black or crazy brights.


7 cool accessories brands with a Tokyo vibe SUNFLY

We’re totally in love with these amazing glasses from SunFly. The brand is a collaboration between a traditional metal-coating factory that works on “space technology” (whatever that is; but it sounds cool) and a group of designers. These glasses look clear from the inside but have a “silver” titanium coating on the outside, which actually CHANGES COLOUR depending on what you put in the glass! Each glass has been created by a specialist artisan so you get a bespoke feel too.


7 cool accessories brands with a Tokyo vibe TAS

A minimalist label by Tetsuya Ando (the former production head of top label Julius), T.A.S is known for pieces with no unnecessary details. If you’re looking for the perfect, plain leather clutch, or a leather wrapped candle, or leather belt (all in black of course) then this is the brand for you.


7 cool accessories brands with a Tokyo vibe VITAL MATERIALS

If you’re into organic, all-natural skincare then you’ll love this new Japanese brand Vital Material. Its hand creams, hand soap and reed diffusers are wonderfully scented with either jasmine, rose, neroli or bergamot; practically an aromatherapy course.

To shop the entire Tokyo 3.0 collection which also includes menswear and will add womenswear in January 2014, go to