Our favourite French luxury brand has done it again. Chanel has recently unveiled their new timepiece with a terribly endearing name — Boy.Friend. Yes, with the full stop in the middle. Like the name suggests, it’s a watch inspired by masculine style but designed exclusively for women. It epitomises the perfect balance of masculinity and femininity. I am completely enamoured by this beauty and I am sure you will be too.

Here are 5 reasons why. 

Images: Chanel

#1 The octagon dial

The octagon is a shape steeped in Chanel history. This geometric shape was inspired by the Place Vendome (the store that directly faces Coco Chanel’s Ritz suite) and was translated into the iconic No.5 perfume bottle and the Première timepiece that debuted in 1987. Many luxury house watches have octagon dials, but nothing quite as elegant as this.

Chanel Boy.Friend Watch in 18K white gold with diamonds

#2 It combines masculine and feminine elements seamlessly

Overall, the watch exudes an elegant feminine structure but offsets this daintiness with sharp masculine notes, namely the angular dial and clean cut lines. It boasts a very minimalistic look, with a dial devoid of numerals. It seems like this sober and refined timepiece was created to fill the gap between the J12 and the Première.

Chanel Boy.Friend Watch in 18K beige gold without diamonds

Chanel Boy.Friend Watch in 18K beige gold with diamonds

#3 The details are quietly luxurious

These days, people are shunning ostentatious logos and adopting the idea of quiet luxury. This exquisite piece gives you exactly that. It comes in beige gold cases; you can either choose from 18K beige gold or 18K white gold, with or without diamonds adorning the frame. To seal the deal, the frame is fitted to an alligator strap — a material that is associated with opulence.

#4 It’s perfectly sized

Boyfriend watches have always been thought of as oversized metal watches hanging around wrists looking like jewellery. With this, Chanel completely flipped the script. This sits perfectly on the wrist of the ladies, exuding the boyfriend vibes through its strong detailing.

The watch comes in two sizes, large and extra large. Large measures 34.6mm x 26.7mm, and is equipped with a quartz movement. As for the extra large, it measures 37mm x 28.6mm and comes with a manual winding mechanical movement. Both pieces feature a small date counter at 6’ o clock.

#5 It is water resistant (30 metres deep)

Even though I have absolutely no intention of taking this baby on a diving trip to the Maldives, it is immensely comforting to know that this little thing is waterproof. Being the klutz that I am, I wouldn’t be surprised if this fell into the sink while I was washing my hands for some bizarre reason.

Sam Rollinson modelling the Chanel Boy.Friend watch

#6 It literally goes with any outfit

There’s something so inherently chic about this watch that seems to go with every single thing I can think of. Oversized jumpers, the classic breton stripes, crisp white shirt, leather jackets .. I can go on and on. This is the best accessory any girl can ask for, well at least for now.

This new beau will be available from September 2015 onwards. Prices have not been fixed yet but we are looking at the likes of $17,000 and up. Ladies, get in line.