5 online shopping habits of the average Singaporean

Image: Leung Cho Pan/ 123RF.com

It’s no surprise that most Singaporeans we know are shopping online. As it turns out, Singapore shoppers are a savvy bunch when it comes to searching for the best deals online, based on this recent MasterCard survey, which polled 500 Singaporeans were polled on their online shopping behaviour. Are you as guilty of these habits too?

1. You do a lot of research online, before you buy
Yep, you’re a smart shopper and you’re not the only one either. Nearly half of those surveyed will do price comparisons on their phones across the different stores before they click on the ‘checkout’ button. The even savvier shopaholics will also do the same for items they buy at the brick and mortar stores; nearly 32 per cent of Singapore shoppers will look up the prices online while at the store before heading to the cashier.

2. You often shop at the same few e-stores
If you find yourself returning to the same few online stores, you’re certainly not alone. And all that time spent browsing and wishlist-ing items online (basically the online version of “window shopping”) can hurt your wallet more than you think.

76 per cent of Singaporeans surveyed do return to shop on the same few websites, as long as they have either browsed or purchased from the e-store previously. The winning combination that makes shoppers return to certain e-stores: low shipping cost, website reputation and the website’s ease of use.

3. You’re doing a little more online shopping on your mobile phone
While the vast majority (63 per cent) prefer to shop via their desktop computers or tablets, a growing number of Singaporeans (37 per cent) are now making their online purchases on their smartphones, compared to just 31 per cent the year before. The top reasons for this preference? So that they can shop while they’re on the go; the convenience helps too.

4. You’re generally unaffected by bad online reviews
It seems like positive word of mouth among friends and colleagues may still triumph in this case, for only 22.5 per cent of those surveyed are affected by bad reviews of stores and restaurants. The other 77.5 per cent of shoppers polled will still give these poorly reviewed spots a shot.

5. You might just be a bit addicted to online shopping
1 in 2 Singaporeans polled say that e-stores has become an “essential” part of their shopping habit. 32 per cent surveyed are so comfortable with online shopping that it’s becoming the same as shopping at physical stores; they’ve been so habitualised to online shopping that they hardly miss out being able to physically touch and feel the clothes.

Again, all that online browsing does eventually lead to you adding more to your shopping cart. Within the last three months, 9 in 10 Singaporeans have made at least one online purchase each. Maybe it’s high time for you to cut back on the time spent looking through e-stores!

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