For a long time, I have always gawked at the price of designers shoes and never spent more than $150 on a pair. I didn’t see how trampling on $600 on a daily basis would be acceptable. Truthfully, when you remove the labels, how is anyone going to tell a $600 shoe apart from a $100 shoe?

So after working for a couple of years I finally took the plunge. I made my way into to the French fashion house that I’ve loved since I was … 3.  I have always dreamt about this pair of understated ballet flats, in my favourite colour – black.

I was terrified initially, because the cost of one pair of shoes was equivalent to half of my salary then. But lo and behold, when I slipped them on, I was completely sold.

The amazing cut that instantly made my calves look smaller, the soft lambskin that wrapped around my feet … I felt that I had waited my entire life to spend such a huge sum of money on one pair of shoes – and this was the pair that I was destined for.

And ladies, I share with you a piece of truth – expensive shoes are indeed more comfortable than cheap ones (as mentioned in point 2 over here).

Yes, the truth hurts; but fret not, there are many ways to go about building up an atas shoe empire. I have rounded up 5 designer shoes that are worth every dollar.

The designs are not trendy. Instead they are enduring and classic, the sort that you once you crunch the numbers on the price-per-wear scale you will either come out even, or way way ahead.

1. Tribute Leather 75 Sandals, $1,210 from Saint Laurent

This shoe made its debut in 2004, so it’s a whopping 11-years-old and an unrivaled iconic design from the brand. The thing I love most about the Tributes? I can dance all night in them. Standing tall at 4” with a 1” platform, it offers all the support you need on the front. They are without a doubt the most comfortable pair of heels I have ever worn.

Shop for Saint Laurent in Singapore at ION orchard, #01-25, and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #B2-32/33. 

2. Vara low heels pumps, $850 from Salvatore Ferragamo

This pair needs no introduction. To my dearest office ladies, yes go ahead and make that purchase if you have been thinking about it. Equal parts practical and chic, this style lengthens the look of your legs without your feet having to go through cruel blistering punishment.

Salvatore Ferragamo boutique locations can be found here.

3. Suede Pumps, $890 from Gianvito Rossi

This brand might not sound familiar to you, but I am sure the brand Sergio Rossi will ring a bell. Gianvito is Sergio’s son. He learned the art of top notch Italian shoemaking from his father during their 20 years of working together. His shoes boast elegant designs in mostly soft lambskin that moulds to your feet after multiple wears.

Shop Gianvito Rossi from The Shoe Salon, Level 2, Takashimaya D.S.

4. Lanvin Leather Ballet Flats, $700 from Club 21 E-Shop

These ballet flats from Lanvin have been touted as one of the most comfortable flat shoes of all time. One special feature that sets it apart from the rest is that this pair of flats isn’t actually flat. There is a hidden wedge of about ¾ inch with a padded arch for support on the inside, cushioning every step you take.

5. Rene Caovilla Embellished Stiletto Sandals, $1,430, from Far Fetch

All the shoes so far have been comfort and practicality driven, so I shall end this list with a pair of dreamy shoes fit for a fairytale. This pair is worth the splurge because of it’s impeccable workmanship. Rene Caovilla is known for their embellished designs. All their crystals are from Swarovski and each crystal is painstakingly put in place, individually, by hand.

Expensive shoes might not be an investment. They are, however, a perfectly justifiable expenditure.