Don’t belittle colour. We might take the various shades and hues for granted but without colour, our lives would really be boring. Colours are not just trend statements, they can affect our moods, tell people something about our personalities, and in ancient times let people know our status too. In the world of fashion colour has always reigned supreme; it has the ability to transform a dated outfit with the addition of one item, or to inject new life into a timeless design.
Gucci has harnessed the power of colour for its pre-fall 2014 collection of Bright Diamante bags. When classic shapes like the bowling bag and clutch are washed in vibrant shades of bumblebee yellow, blossom pink and more, the combination makes a fabulous statement.
Here are three things you need to know about our five hot colours and six matching pieces from the Gucci Bright Diamante collection so you can walk the talk; accessorise to match your mood and since the prices of these bags are ridiculously reasonable (they are Gucci after all!) you can grab one in every shade!
These new arm candies are sure to fly off the shelves so reserve yours now.
Looking at yellow can cheer you up. So we suggest picking up the Bright Diamante tote bag in Bumblebee yellow to chase the blues away. The Diamante diagonal design hails from Gucci’s archives – it first appeared woven on luggage in the 1930s.
To reflect your inner calm – or to fake it – try an all-white outfit and accessorise with the Bright Diamante Bowling Bag in Great White. For fashionistas who veer on the understated side, the pre-fall collection also features timeless neutrals like black and white.
Pink is a hopeful and romantic colour. When you slip the Bright Diamante small bucket bag in Blossom, know that you can conquer any obstacle. With the absence of harsh hardware, the new Gucci handbags are lightweight and easy to whizz around town with.
Orange exudes positive energy and you are sure to feel an extra pep in your step with the Bright Diamante bowling bag in Oxidation orange in tow. The Bright Diamante collection showcases the fashion house’s signature shapes – bucket-style shoulder bag, clutch, top-handle tote, bowling bag and the Boston bag.
For days when you have something to say, blue’s your colour. Express your inner intellect with the Bright Diamante bucket bag in Deep Cobalt blue and watch the world sit up and pay attention. The clean, structured look of the handbag is the ideal addition to any style maker’s wardrobe.
The Bright Diamante collection is available at select Gucci boutiques. Prices start from $1,620. Go to for more information. Follow Gucci on Facebook at and Twitter @Gucci for more updates.
Get stylishly colourful.
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