Kensal Colours.jpg

The Mulberry Kensal Shoulder Bag is available in five colours, including Fiery Red, Cream and Midnight Blue. Image: Mulberry

We’re always looking for an excuse to get a new bag and with the Mulberry Kensal Shoulder Bag, you’ll have more than one reason to add this darling to your collection ‒ three reasons in fact.

1. It’s a classic, but with a modern (and practical) twist.  
Simplicity is key with the new Mulberry Kensal Shoulder Bag ‒ a
folded piece of exquisite leather has been stitched, dyed and finished with a traditional briefcase lock to form a slim, elegant and versatile shoulder bag worn on a long strap. This design is definitely timeless, and one you can rock all year round.

Adding a contemporary flair to this classic look are its double-sided, mirror image front and back compartments. This quirky little addition gives you more bag space for your everyday essentials. If you’re sick of constantly fishing in your bag for those small, elusive items, the Mulberry Kensal Shoulder Bag promises to be your new best friend. 

2. One bag for all your needs.
As fans of multi-functional bags, the Kensal is our latest Mulberry crush. Wear the Kensal Shoulder Bag across your body for a fun, schoolgirl look or hang it off one shoulder for a day at the office. Meeting your girlfriends for a wild night out after work? Remove the strap to turn the Kensal into a clutch and you’re good to go. Plus, it comes in two sizes and a verifiable rainbow of colours. The only problem now is deciding on which one to get.

3. It’s rocking the red carpets. 
Our favourite celebrities, like the gorgeous Lily James from Downtown Abbey, can’t seem to get their hands off the Mulberry Kensal bag. We absolutely love how chic and classy Star Trek Into Darkness star Alice Eve looks with the Small Kensal bag in Midnight Blue!

So, you know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them, with a Mulberry bag of your own too.

The Kensal Shoulder Bag comes in two styles, Velvet Calf and Haircalf Mixed Velvet Calf in Midnight Blue, priced respectively at $2,990 and $3,590. The Kensal Small Shoulder Bag, available in Velvet Calf, is priced at $2,290.  They are available exclusively in Singapore at the Mulberry store in Mandarin Gallery, #01-09 333A.