It’s easy to see the appeal of charm bracelets, no matter your age. You can personalise each of these bracelets in so many ways, to craft a message about yourself and your style with an accessory as sparkly as your personality on your wrist. Here, we suss out some of the newest collections for this season.

This new-to-Singapore Italian brand is best known for its stainless steel bracelets, which were inspired by the bracelet links on watches. All links on the bracelet are interchangeable, so you can swap plain links for those decked with enameled emblems or opt to add dangling charms for an extra girly touch to your wrist candy.

Nomination composable charms bracelet.jpgA bracelet from the Composable Collection from Nomination. Image: Nomination

The array of designs range from the whimsical with lollipops and poodles to more regal medallion-style pieces, which makes it so fun to pick and choose.

MyBonBons nomination bracelets.jpgBracelets from the My Bon Bons collection from Nomination. Images: Nomination

This season’s latest styles includes the new leather bracelets from the My Bon Bons collection. There’s a candy-like assortment of colours to choose from and you can even add a clock dial to it to wear it as a watch bracelet too; how’s that for versatility?

Where to buy: BHG Bugis, Level 1 in Singapore.
Prices: From $33 to $175 each, with the basic bracelet sold separately for $20. Visit the Nomination Singapore Facebook page for more information.

Most Singapore accessories fiends will be familiar with this popular Danish jewellery brand, that is so adored for the diverse range of beads that are safely locked in place on its sterling silver bracelet. Its main attraction: The idea that you can chart your personal milestones with each of the many different charms available, such as your graduation day (with the graduation cap), the birth of your firstborn (a baby bottle) or perhaps your favourite cities (as represented by monuments).

Now you can wear your initials to your new Pandora bracelet, thanks to its new Alphabet Pre-Autumn 2014 collection, which can also be worn on necklaces from the brand.

Pandora Alphabet.jpg
Pandora Alphabet collection. Image: Pandora

Besides the letters A to Z, you can also shop for some very lucky motifs like the horseshoe or the four-leaf clover, in hopes that chance will be on your side while you’re wearing this new bracelet. Each of these dangly charms sparkle with cubic zirconia, so it definitely has that “bling” factor too.

Panodra alphabet bracelets.jpg

Where to buy: 14 stores including ION Orchard and Takashimaya in Singapore. View the full list of store locations here.
Prices: Unavailable at press time.

If your personal style is more of edgy, rock chic than all-out sweet and girly, then this will be your go-to brand for charm bracelets. The watch and jewellery brand launched its “Karma Beads” charm bracelet line this season, with designs that reflect a bit more of a grown-up aesthetic.

THOMAS SABO spiky bracelet.jpgA bracelet from the Thomas Sabo Autumn-Winter Collection. Image: Thomas Sabo

The beads and charms from the Thomas Sabo Autumn-Winter Collection are clad in darker hues with filigree details on its sterling silver bracelets. It doesn’t lack for glitter either, for most of these charms are adorned with pave cubic zirconia. This collection is said to celebrate all the good things in life including “positive energy, joie de vivre (joy of life) and symbols of good fortune”. Its name is thus derived from the mythical motifs it uses.

THOMAS SABO bracelet.jpg

For more botanical inspiration, check out the Fairy Twines collection, which features delicate leaves and filigree branches (as seen above) twined around bracelet beads and other matching accessories.

Where to buy: Four stores in Singapore at ION Orchard, Takashimaya Department Store, Parkway Parade and Raffles City Shopping centre.
Prices: From $35 to $259 for the Karma beads collection. Visit the Thomas Sabo Facebook page for more information.