Let’s face it. We spend an awful lot of time at our work desks they really do become our second home. So, we shouldn’t put up with dull colours, boring penholders, industrial staplers or ugly calendars, right? Perk yourself up with these cute little knick knacks instead!

1. Kueh Tutu Eraser $12, from Naiise

Remember this cute little snack you use to eat at the pasar malam? It now comes in the form of an eraser! Get a rush of nostalgia as you erase your next mistake.

2. Pick Up the Cent Bank $54.15, from Mod Cloth

Always fussing over that 10 cent change after lunch with your colleagues? Here comes the cutest solution. Get them to throw it into your cat bank and watch as clever kitty snatches the coin away.

3. Origami Grass Green Cactus Paper Plant $44.20, Etsy

Forget about the mini terrarium stuff. I promise these will last you a lifetime.

4. Ideas in Bloom Desk Organizer $20, Mod Cloth

Alternatively, plant your writing supplies in this pencil holder and see your creativity flourish!

5. Singlish Perpetual Calendar $18, from Naiise

This lunar almanac calendar must look awfully familiar to most who grew up in Singaporean Chinese households! It’s commonly used as a reference for auspicious dates. Plot twist: This one here provides a daily prediction to guide one’s day in Singlish.

6. Roller Notes Sticky Roll $10.80, from Urban Outfitters

Post its are so last season. Up your game with this post it roll instead.


7. Doctor it Up Highlighter Set $17.50, from Mod Cloth

Shower your writing some tender loving care (TLC) with these adorable pill-shaped highlighters.

8. Deer in the Forest Paper Clip Holder $14.90, from Naiise

The practical version of a snow globe for the office? Keep your paper clips tidy in style. Just remember not to shake it.

9. Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder $18, from Naiise

Need someone to take your stress and frustrations out on? Mummy Mike is the man for you! You get to recycle rubber bands at the same time. 


10. Eiffel Scissors $17, from Typo

Wanderlusting while at work? Temporary satisfy these thoughts with the global cultural icon of France as you snip away.