Every week, our very own fashion stylist Bryan Goh lets you in on the latest fashion trends or shopping haunts you need to check out.

At any one point in time at Her World’s office, you’ll see someone toting a straw bag. Why? Besides it putting a smile on our faces with their summer connotations, they’re both hardy and practical – they fit everything we chuck inside without us having to worry if it’ll break.

But, not all of us want to carry the ones from Bali – yeah they’re great and look great in an Instagram photo but sometimes, we want something that not everybody is carrying. The answer? Local store Weekend Cheoks stocks a variety of styles (totes? cross bodies? Shopper bags? All good) and for those aiming to live the boho-babe life, there’s furniture too.


Straw tote, $39

In the ‘90s, it was trendy to carry an anti-trendy bag made out of straw. Why? We liked our bags minimal, anti-label and low-key but nothing about it has changed in over two decades – it’s still a casual carry-all bag that’s great for work and weekends.

Cotton shopper bag, $10

Everybody loves a budget-friendly fashion trend that’s readily accessible – we went crazy over dad hats (hello World of Sports!), Stan Smiths (hello Adidas!) and flat sandals (hello Birkenstocks!) – we’re now obsessed over this bag with a French origin. Originally used by French fishermen, the mesh shopper bag was adopted by people at markets as it was easy to pack into an existing one and yet, it expands to fit anything and everything you put inside.

Glass vessels, $22 each

If you’re going to be displaying your flowers in a vase, make sure it looks as pretty as your blooms.

PVC and rubber flowers, $35 per stalk

We love trips to the floral market but not everybody has the time and money to do so – these PVC and rubber flowers look like the real thing and even photograph so. Trust us.

Straw slippers with wool tassels, $35

Whilst we don’t recommend you wear these out, these straw woven slippers still look great when worn at home.

Seagrass rug, $135 for a metre to $205 for two

Sustainability is a key word this year – we want to eat sustainably (aka farm to table restaurants), dress sustainably (hello Zerrin) and now, you can live sustainably with this seagrass rug woven in the material’s natural colour.

Straw and banana palm bag, $120

The fancier cousin to the straw tote is weaved out of straw with a banana palm accent on its rim.

Photo credits : Weekend Cheoks

Shop Weekend Cheoks online or at 05#04, 47 Jalan Pemimpin, S577200.