I confess, I have an obsession. As with all obsessions, you can’t say that it’s healthy. And I’m afraid it got worse last week.

Shoes seen on Pauline Ning runway AFF2012

AFF2012: PAULINE.NING at the Parco next NEXT show. Image: Parco next NEXT

Well, it’s far from life-threatening — although Dad’s convinced that I’m going to slip and break my neck wearing any of these — and I guess it doesn’t hurt to just look at them.

They’re not the most practical — oh who am I kidding, as long as they look good on your feet, it doesn’t matter right?

My feet protest.

Think about the high heel. Your poor ankle. What about your cramped toes? The potential cuts, bruises, bunions even.

Seen at Lion Earl AFF2012

AFF2012: LION EARL at Parco next NEXT, shoes by The Cobbler. Image: Parco next NEXT

But what else can you wear, with these elegant long skirts and dresses?

Mashup at AFF2012

AFF2012: MASH-UP at Parco next NEXT, Jeffrey Cambell shoes from Actually.  Image: Parco next NEXT

Plus they look so cute with socks, just peeping out like this. Oxfords may be cute but even cuter, if I were to get another pair with heels or on platforms. . .

And they match so well with the right accessories. It’s the only way to have a complete look, right?

Pauline Ning at AFF2012

AFF2012: PAULINE.NING at the Parco next NEXT show.  Image: Parco next NEXT

I could always get comfy sandals and flats that still look chic with long cotton skirts.

Suecomma Bonnie sandals AFF2012 Suecomma Bonnie heels at AFF2012
Suecomma Bonnie Fall/Winter showcase for Future Fashion Now

But then I’d still need another eye-catching pair: like these neon fuschia heels, with diamante straps, to match that sleek evening dress.

Suecomma bonnie shoes brights at AFF2012

Suecomma Bonnie Fall/Winter showcase for Future Fashion Now. Image above: Suecomma Bonnie

Wearing them all day, even if they hurt at the end of the night (no heels for this week, I swear)! … Buying them even if they’re in the wrong size, psyching myself into thinking some padding or alteration would solve the problem … Plus, you’ll need the right shoes to go with the right pair of stockings, no?

Depression shoes at Blueprint Stocking with shoe at Blueprint 2012
(L-R): Depression shoes and RI by CARRIE stocking from Blueprint

Then there’s these gorgeous sky-high beauties on the runway.

Roland Mouret FW2012 at AFF2012.jpg

Roland Mouret Fall/Winter 2012 at Audi Fashion Festival 2012. Images: Welsey Kow

The thing is, the more I look at them, the more I want to own and buy more of them, even with a bursting shoe closet at home (And I often give in to this impulse).

But as George Bernard Shaw had said …

Magnum temptation postcard at Blueprint

In the meantime, I shall remain content collecting a collage of these beauties for my “want-list” and photographing more shoes that catch my eye. Even if that makes me feel like going shoe shopping even more often … Maybe I do need some help?