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Rather than focus uniquely on topical products that sit on the hair, Korean haircare tends to revolve around making a healthy scalp the number one priority. Scalp exfoliating is a key part of K-haircare, as it removes the product buildup and excess skin cells that can accumulate over time, encourages healthy follicles, and leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean. Products such as Innisfree’s Green Tea Mint Fresh Scalp Scaler work to combat excessive sebum and keep the scalp feeling refreshed and residue-free.



Post-exfoliation moisture is key, which explains the growing popularity of hair masks and hair packs. The sheet mask craze has even made its way into the haircare market — check out this ‘Meg Steam Hair Mask’, available from, which comes in a paper cap that can be adjusted to fit the size of the head.

For soft, touchable hair, Koreans swear by leave-in fluid — a moisturising product that is best applied to the lengths and ends of the hair. Skinfood’s Avocado Leave-In Fluid contains avocado extract to nourish the hair, and has the added bonus of doubling up as an overnight treatment for extra-dry hair. The fluid can be followed or replaced by a hair essence, which adds shine and definition and smoothes away any remaining frizz or flyaways. Argan Essential’s Deep Care Hair Essence is a popular choice.



Finally, sun protection is paramount in the K-beauty world, so it stands to reason that the same rule applies to haircare. Barrier products such as Sachajuan’s Hair In The Sun aim to defend tresses from harmful UV rays with a UVQ protectant that remains on the hair even after rinsing.