Photo: XD Design

Hidden zips and pockets on the Bobby deter pickpockets.


You may have already heard of the original Bobby backpack or the slightly smaller Bobby Compact, the popular Kickstarter-funded anti-theft backpacks by Dutch label XD Design.


Photo: We The People

When the Bobby Bizz is upright, it’s a backpack (above left). When it’s on its side, it’s a briefcase. Just detach the shoulder straps and tuck them into the bag.


The newest Bobby, and the slimmest of the lot, is the Bobby Bizz, which has one more theft-proof feature than its predecessors. Besides the hidden zips and pockets (so pickpockets can’t find them easily) and knife-proof material, the Bobby Bizz has an integrated anti-theft lock so you can secure it to a heavy object (like a table) when you need to leave it alone for awhile.



It also has on-the-go essentials: a compartment for your power bank and USB charging port, a reflective stripe on the front (safety first), a luggage handle pass-through slot at the back, water-resistant material, and a clamshell design that opens out flat for easy packing and unpacking.

But we like it most for its sleek, for-normal-not-just-tech-folks design. It’s $168 at We The People, the world’s only store that sells purely Kickstarter-funded products.





This story first appeared in the January 2018 issue of Her World magazine.