Roksanda Ilincic talks customising catastropheRoksanda Ilincic once cut up her mother’s Yves Saint Laurent skirt.

The Serbian-born fashion designer has customised clothes since she was in her teens.

But despite her great success now, her attempts back then were a little more haphazard.

“I once chopped my mother Ranka’s Yves Saint Laurent skirts extremely short,” she confessed to the British edition of Elle magazine.

“One was a bright orange pencil skirt that I added fake-fur trim to. I did stand out at the party.”

Roksanda, who first showcased her work at London Fashion Week in 2003, remembers always being fascinated by fashion.

The one item she loves most is a dress of her mother’s, which she had specially designed when Roksanda was a child.

“It’s bronze silk in a 1930s style with a drop waist and a pleat collar. I remember going with her to the fittings when I was little and playing with the threads and fabrics. Watching the seamstresses made me aware of sewing techniques and how fabric hangs on the body,” she revealed.

However, these days the London-based designer knows how to treat a good Yves Saint Laurent piece.

Her latest fashion-find is a coat by the French fashion designer.

“The last time I was in LA I got an amazing vintage Yves Saint Laurent coat from his A/W 1976 Russian collection. It’s reversible with an incredible print and cut,” she explained.

Roksanda has produced lines for high street stores Whistles and Debenhams and recently launched a new childrenswear line Blossom.