There are usually two rules of thumb when you purchase summer sandals – firstly, they have to look good and secondly, they have to be comfortable. Freedom Moses, a label founded in Tel Aviv by designer Sarah Gurt, hits the two sweet spots with a few added bonuses, they’re also environmentally friendly, ergonomic, and, smell of milk and honey.

Photography Raymond Lee/Capsule Productions
Styling Bryan Goh

Made of recycled polycarbonate-urethane (PCU) – a recyclable plastic that’s matte, lightweight and water repellent (water does not soak into the shoe and neither does perspiration which eventually causes shoe stink), Freedom Moses’ sandals are also injected with air for an added “bounce” factor that ensures comfort.

Whilst other plastic sandals are commonly made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) which provides a similar “bounce” factor, the PCU used in Freedom Moses’s sandals has less, but they retain theirs for a longer period of time even with daily wear due to it being denser than the former material.

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Lastly, if these facts can’t sway you into purchasing a pair, maybe this will – these sandals do smell like milk and honey (sans the artificiality) due to the two scents being mixed into the plastic during production. Whilst the scent can last up to a year of wearing them, the sandals can also be washed during that duration without losing its smell – simply use soap and warm water.

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“We’re here to turn the sunny summer season into a 365 day a year experience!” says Gurt. Since we already do have 365 days of summer and 27 variations of sandals to choose from, we want them all. Priced at $49. Available at Tangs at Tang Plaza. 

This story first appeared in the October 2017 issue of Her World magazine​.