Get ready for National Day: Outfits to look your proudest red and white best

Yes, you can look patriotic AND fashy. Here are our choice picks to have you staying cool and comfy this National Day

red white outfits


The National Day Parade is always a hotly anticipated event in our annual calendar. And, as Singapore celebrates her 53rd year of independence, it’s hard not to think of the epic moments that made a mark in recent history — from Joseph Schooling beating Michael Phelps to win the Olympic gold in 2016, to Singapore hosting the Trump-Kim summit in June 2018.

Yes, we have a lot to celebrate. But one thing that always stumps us is why it seems impossible to be patriotic AND fashionable on National Day. So, we’ve compiled a list of 20 red and white items for you to check out and be inspired by. So, if you’re actually going to The Float @ Marina Bay, eyes won’t just be on the live performances and fireworks — at least some will be on you. And when you’re negotiating the crowds just getting to the event — or are just out and about on August 9, you’ll be able to stand proud in your red and white digs.

Our gift to you is that our picks have the glam factor, but will still have you staying cool and comfortable for National Day 2018.


Keep cool make a statement in a T-shirt

Don’t reach for the tank tops and the blah plain red tees one always sees at the National Day parade. Stick to the red-and-white theme, but opt for cool prints and motifs. Make a statement, but don’t go over the top. Meaning, keep things simple and clean.


Be easy and breezy in shorts

Avoid skinny jeans and all manner of denim if you’re even thinking of going to the Parade. Shorts are all the rage right now, and fit right into the atmosphere of the outdoor event. Besides a tailored silhouette, which does look chic or elegant, you could rock a billowy or A-line shape, which will help keep you cool. Opt for shorts made out of breathable cotton, which means they’re right up on that comfort factor.




Top it all off with a straw hat

You want to shield yourself from the blazing sun, and protect your eyes from the bright light. We approve. But stop — don’t reach for that baseball cap, fedora, or even the canvas boating hat you bought on some Thailand beach holiday. Instead, get yourself a hat that’s made out of straw. These are on trend right now, with designers going beyond the basic with pretty colors and prints. Besides, the air flow around your heated-up noggin will be better thanks to the material, and generally open weave.


Sunglasses with UV protection

Casting your eyes to the sky for the popular airshow and parachuting events at the NDP means that a pair of sunnies is essential if you don’t want to be squinting a whole lot. Opt for a hip pair that comes with 100% UV protection. They’re slightly more expensive, but worth the investment for your eye health and, if nothing else, prevention against crow’s feet.


Walk easy in flats

If you’re out all day, or sitting for long periods at the parade, you’ll want to be in a pair of flats so your feet aren’t screaming by the end. Be they sneakers or sandals, we’ve got your tootsies covered with these red-hot babies.