Photo: Geox

Italian shoe and clothing brand has opened it’s first Singapore X store in Paragon. A tour of the store and an interview with President and Founder of Geox, Mario Moretti Polegato, later, we gathered the five top reasons why you should make a trip down.  

1. This is Geox’s first X Store concept in Singapore

Photo: Geox

Opening its wide, circular cut-out doors at Paragon, Geox’s X Store has finally reached the sunny shores of Singapore. As a concept store that embraces its brand values of breathability, wellbeing and technology through design, those circular cut-outs are thus not purely for aesthetics — they allude to the signature holes on the soles of Geox footwear, symbolising a breath of fresh air as the customer enters. The pared-back store layout and exposed ceiling ventilators are some of the other design elements which tie into the brand essence of breathing, and is what the X Store concept is all about. 

Geox opened its first X Store in Milan in 2017 and have since been penetrating the Asian market too. The last X Store in Asia opened in Hong Kong in 2018. 


2. It’s phygital — a brand new approach to retail 

President and Founder of Geox, Mario Moretti Polegato, at Singapore’s Geox X Store in Paragon. Photo: Geox

You read it right, it’s phygital — a portmanteau of “physical” and “digital”. Phygital in customer experience is all about uniting the best of online and brick-and-mortar experiences. In contrast to the raw-finished exterior and furnishings, the centrepiece of Geox’s X Store is a digital screen which explains the principles of breathability to customers, informs them of the new collections available, and provides details of Geox’s patented technologies. By enmeshing of physical experiences with digital ones Geox hopes to connect better with consumers. 

Even as consumer habits continue to shift online, Polegato remains unfazed. “There are a lot of people who want to have conversations with store professionals and try the shoes before purchase,” he says, terming e-commerce as ‘cold sell’, and in-store sales as ‘hot sell’. 


3. Geox’s F/W ‘19 collection is available in store

Photo: Geox

Incorporating a slew of references, Geox’s F/W’19 collection is all about rich autumnal hues and the occasional burst of masculine details. A quick browse in the store and we immediately had a few favourites.

Photo: Geox

One was the Bibbiana — a versatile court shoe that comes in a range of colours and designs, such as a geometric one which, according to Polegato, was inspired by Italian murano glass. 

Photo: Geox

Another was the Nexside — an ultra light sneaker with a nappa outer and Side Transpiration System soles which is designed to deliver extra breathability. The minimalist shoe would look super chic as part of a white-tee-blue-jeans-ensemble


The Kaula boot uses the Amphibiox technology which protects the wearer from rain, mud, and snow. Photo: Geox

Polegato was quick to point out his favourite as well. For him, it was not so much about a particular shoe model, but a specific technology. “My favourite is the Amphibiox,” he says, holding out a pair of dress shoes. “These are so unique, because even if the weather changes, I don’t have to carry an additional pair of shoes with me.”


4. Yes, and there are also ready-to-wear pieces

Photo: Geox

Hopping on the athleisure bandwagon, Geox’s F/W ‘19 collection consisting of outerwear pieces has both mountain summits and city streets in mind. Using the brand’s sustainable Ewarm material that’s made from recycled plastic bottles, the cold-weather pieces comes in bold colours and quilted patterns. With reversible coats and voluminous 90’s-inspired options to pick from, there is something bound to fit your winter holiday needs. 

The idea of breathability also extends through the clothing. As heat rises, a special strip of vents on the shoulders, which Geox calls The Breathing Tape, is combined with an air pocket below the lining to allow perspiration to evaporate. 


5. It’s all about Italian elegance 

Photo: Geox

Even with all its technological feats, one thing that Geox stands firmly by is the idea of Italian elegance — an elusive term which speaks volumes yet is difficult to define. But we managed to hear from the man himself. “Italians have design in their blood, it is passion. Imagine what espresso coffee is to Italians; shoes are the same.” he chuckles. 

Geox X Store is now open at 290 Orchard Road #03- 33/34, Paragon, Singapore 238859, from 10am to 10pm daily.