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In this era of instant gratification, raw denim is deliberately, enjoyably slow. It takes a lot of consistent wear and patience before it becomes what it’s supposed to be – something that’s personally yours, where the initial stiffness and dark indigo eventually give way to a softer, more individual fit, and all fades come naturally from your daily movements and wear, not from a sandblaster in a factory.

This three-part series will highlight three labels here who have each taken raw denim and given it their own distinct POV. One does modern European cuts, another focuses on Americana heritage workwear styles, and the last does custom-made jeans – and all three take pride in their exacting quality standards.

The second part of this story features Journal Projects. Read the first part here and the second here.


Photo: Angela Guo


Getting a pair of jeans from Journal Projects has been a unique experience since founder Lincoln Thong, 25, changed its ready-to-wear denim model to a one-of-a-kind concept.

Every pair of raw denim jeans (from $209) is made to the customer’s specifications, from the obvious (picking the kind of raw denim and hardware, pocket style and thread colour) to the extras (waist adjusters, hidden rivets and back cinches). 

His early customers were the catalyst for the change: They requested customised features. 

“It’s for the better, as raw denim becomes more personalised over time, and if you can customise it from the start, that makes it even more individual,” Thong says.

“I also really like slow fashion – things that last a long time and looks better as you wear them.”


Photo: Angela Guo


The brand has also recently expanded its offerings to jackets, bags and shorts – all customisable.

For jackets ($239 each), pick from two styles, the fabric, and the sleeve and body length.

For the totes ($59 each), you can pick the fabric, rivets and placement of internal and external pockets.


Photo: Angela Guo


Journal Projects neither has a physical store nor takes orders on its website year-round. It takes pre-orders just four to five times a year online, during which the brand will also run an accompanying month-long pop-up store. 

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Want to dive deeper into the world of raw denim? First, familiarise yourself with its lingo so you don’t get confused. We’ve put together a concise 101 below for newbies to raw denim:





A version of this story first appeared in the February 2019 issue of Her World.

Photography: Angela Guo

Styling: Bryan Goh