Rag and Bone main .jpgRag & Bone’s David Neville’s parents were dismayed when he quit his career to work in fashion.

David and his friend Marcus Wainwright met at school and pursued careers in banking and telecoms before deciding to launch their own label. Although their fashion house has won big-name fans such as Cameron Diaz and Emma Stone, deciding to create it was initially a nerve-wracking experience.

“I worked in banking and led a Jekyll and Hyde existence,” David told the latest edition of UK magazine InStyle. “I wore a suit for work, but I’d always enjoyed shopping and was interested in fashion. At 26, I had enough money saved to quit my job, move to New York and get this label going. My parents weren’t very happy about it.”

Having a solid friendship has helped the men grow the business. They each look after different aspects of the company, which they believe is the key to their success.

“I’m in charge of the design and David’s in charge of the business, but we share the same office and both run the company,” Marcus explained. “One of the reasons we’ve been successful is we don’t do exactly the same thing, so there’s less room for conflict.”

The pair rely on “gut instinct” when it comes to making decisions, and the method has so far served them well.

Although they are British, David and Marcus decided to launch their label in New York City. Marcus was in America because his wife hails from the country and it seemed like the right place to kick things off. It’s a path they would encourage other wannabe designers to follow.

“You’ve got to be in the right place at the right time, with the right idea,” Marcus insisted. “New York is different to the rest of the world in the opportunity it gives you. You can sell clothes even if you’re a small business, so it’s a good place to start.” – COVER MEDIA