TOKYO – On my second day at Tokyo Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2015 I limited my shows and checked out some of the emerging designers at the pop-up tradeshow event held at the same time. Despite the fact that we’re watching looks for next autumn, it’s actually spring in Japan and there are pretty flowers everywhere, it seems that mini boutique flower shops are now a ‘thing’ in the capital too so I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of the perfectly prepared possies. And of course, since this is Tokyo I had to indulge in a bit of Curry Rice, didn’t I?

Some of my favourite things I saw (and ate) on my second day at Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 …


Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 day 2 IN PROCESS

In Process Hall Ohara designers Yurika Ohara and Steven Hall graduated from Central Saint Martins and debuted at London Fashion Week S/S 06. The brand is known for its prints and quirkiness so for Autumn Winter 2015 it wasn’t surprising to see them send out looks covered in vaguely Art Deco style prints in lovely shades of mauve, aqua, pink and red.


Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 day 2 EZUMI

Designer Yasutoshi Ezumi worked as an assistant at Alexander McQueen and as a knitwear designer for Aquascutum London before launching his own label. You can see his experience in the soft but structural knits he creates (although I’m not that convinced I need a buckled up neck warmer) but it was the full skirts on his otherwise typical parkas and coats that really won me over; I’m a sucker for a bit skirt on anything really.


Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 day 2 FLOWERS

So, being spring in Tokyo right now ‒ and one day away from the official Sakura Season ‒ there are pretty flowers everywhere. While it’s cool enough at night to wear a spring coat (Burberry macs are big) it’s warm enough for garden beds in the city to be sporting colourful blooms that echo the shades seen in the shop windows for the spring collections. Here are just some that caught my eye …


Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 day 2 TAMAKI 1Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 day 2 TAMAKI 2

As part of ‘fashion week’ there is a small pop-up tradeshow featuring some up-and-coming young Japanese designers. A couple of them caught my eye, in particular was Tamaki Fujie. Her clothes are pretty and feminine without being too juvenile; I particularly liked her AW15 collection’s flower embroidered leather jackets and matching skirts and she does super-cute 3D flower embellished sweaters too. You can check out her current SS15 collection on her website at


Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 day 2 KITTY

This amazing bit of graffiti is stuck on a wall opposite my hotel … My first thought was that it was a great play on the Japanese propensity to pronounce ‘l’ as ‘r’ … Hello Kitty; ‘Horror’ Kitty. Say it fast to yourself and you’ll know what I mean. 🙂


Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 day 2 CURRY RICE

Need I say more? The new Muji Cafe Shibuya in what used to be the original Opening Ceremony building has the best, fast Curry Rice within walking distance of where Tokyo Fashion Week is held. It comes complete with a choice of two teas (one Japanese and one from Taiwan) and choice of two salads. Very yummy.

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