Many Singaporeans this weekend will be celebrating Chinese New Year with a whole lot of feasting (yum, we can’t wait!). After the festivities are over, however, we’ll all be trudging back to work with post-CNY blues, even worse; perhaps with a post-CNY “food baby” to boot.

We’ll all need something to lift our spirits then, and what better way is there than to walk into work looking totally fabulous (#lookgoodfeelgood, right?). From the best colours to wear to the best pieces for covering up post-festive bloat, here are some fashion tips for coming back to the office with style. Bookmark this story for reference in a couple of days!

Be cool

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By the time the weekend is over, everyone will probably be partied out. The Chinese New Year palette boasts a fiery array of warm colours; bright reds, prosperous oranges and golds and gaudy yellows. This is all fine and good, but it can be somewhat tiring to be surrounded by all these warm tones the entire weekend; so why not be a sight for sore eyes and go as cool as you can?



Frosty blue, apricot, lavender, grey; these are just a few welcome colours that will have your co-workers being drawn to your outfit without being quite able to say why.

Soft tones


Festive fashion is always bold and beautiful; think shining metallics and bright colours. Soft tones like pastel are perfect for putting together a post-Chinese New Year look that will help transition you out of that bright, festive mood and back into the regular world (sigh).

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Turn to the more naturalistic end of the spectrum and opt for soothing shades like sky blue, olive green, taupe and turquoise.

Layer smart

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The bane of most Singaporean’s existence, no doubt, is festive-feasting gains on the weighing scale. As much as our friends and family deny that we’ve gained weight, our “bloated tummies” are as much psychological as they are physical. So, until you have enough time to work out and put your mind at ease, hiding your tummy will give you the boost in confidence you need. Pick out your favourite flowy fashion pieces like kaftans and gilets to mask any insecurities you may have with your figure. Layering your office outfit with voluminous outerwear affords the opportunity to let everything hang loose instead of having to constantly suck it in.

Cinch it, baby


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If you’re still scared of appearing bloated, have a stab at our favourite corset trend. Accentuate your figure to the max with an oversized blouse or shirt and cinch your waist with a stunning corset. This will create a wonderfully exaggerated silhouette that you can emphasise even more by contrasting a light-toned inner shirt with a dark corset.

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If corsets aren’t for you, simply find a loose fitting long kaftan and cinch the waist with a thin belt. Wear this over tights and heels and you’ll be strutting a sexy figure come Tuesday morning!

Black is beautiful

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Black is, of course, the most figure-friendly colour, and really chic to boot. Even better, an all-black outfit is a great way to shake things up after a colourful weekend. Make the most out of one of our favourite fashion colours by going for textured dresses like velvet or leather, which will draw any attention away from tired puffy eyes or an overfed stomach. Long or midi dresses and coats are ideal for this purpose.


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