paragon pop up store indonesia

Photo: Nataoka

To mark 50 years of bilateral relations between Indonesia and Singapore, RISING FASHION – the very first ever collaboration platform in the fashion industry between Indonesia and Singapore – was inaugurated in August 2017 at the Gallery Lafayette, Jakarta to showcase promising fashion companies from both countries. Continuing the success of the collaboration this year, this time it will be held at the Paragon Shopping Mall, Orchard, Singapore from 1-30 August.

Supported by the Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF) in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore (KBRI), DFW Creative as well as Paragon Shopping Mall, this event will allow the Indonesian fashion brands to gain traction from Singaporean customers and businesses to foster further opportunities for the designers. Initiated to empower and strengthen both countries’ talents and potential in the fashion industry and rise together in the international fashion market, RISING (abbreviation of RI for Republic of Indonesia and SING for Singapore) FASHION 2018 will be enlivened with various other events such as business-to-business and business-to-consumer meetings, styling sessions and many more.

The one month event will display chic and one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories from 14 Indonesian designers that will be showcased into 2 waves at the pop-up shop.

The first wave, held from 1-15 August, showcased designers Purana, Saul, Nataoka, Hunting Fields, Maison Met, Pattent Goods, and Oaksva Jewelery.

The ongoing second wave that is held from 16-30 August will showcase designers: Woodka, Bermock, Danjyo Hiyoji, Alex[a]lexa, D.Tale, Jeffry Tan, and Diniira.

To get you acquainted with some of the brands you’ll find at the store, we’ve compiled some background information on these incredible Indonesian labels and their products.



Founded by Monique Natalia Soeriaatmadja in collaboration with her husband and partner Sendy Soeriaatmadja in Jakarta in 2011, Alex[a]lexa delivers a modern take on urban dressing by injecting a sense of whimsicality and playfulness into sophisticated pieces. Known for their use of quirky colourful prints and modern yet laid back silhouettes, this label steers away from the norm with tongue-in-cheek iterations of the current trends.




Started in late 2014, this Indonesian-based brand focuses on high quality classic and minimalist styles. D. Tale targets the young and professional women through interpretation of the masculine taste and North-American plus Asian culture of its designer. While creating pieces with attention to detail (and hence its name), D.Tale holds a firm believe on its promise of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.


Here’s one thing you need to know: The Woodka Watch is not a mass produced watch. If you’re inclined towards artisanal, carefully constructed timepieces, you’d be thrilled to know that each Woodka watch is meticulously crafted with spare parts shipped from Japan and Indonesian tenun fabric or genuine cow leather for the interchangeable straps. They also choose different types of wood, such as Maple, Sonokeling, and also Teak as the main material for their timepieces



Founded by Dini Pratiwi Irawati, this brand has elegant dresses and statement pieces with geometric structures that are mirrored with exquisite techniques ranging from cut-out patch embroidery to hand painting. Inspired with monochromatic and regal colour palettes, combined with the use of lightweight and wearable fabrics, this brand is one to look out for if you’re a collector of unique pieces with special details.


Jeffry Tan

Jakarta-based designer Jeffry Tan is known in Asia for his evening wear pieces that are inspired by the clean lines of urban architecture. Most of the silhouettes play on the ever figure-flattering bias-cut column dress, several of which were given an extra pinch of zest with diagonal stripes or crisscross straps.