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When it comes to style, we can always trust the eye of the Italians. Good news for us – Pinko is now here to give us a fresh Italian take on fashion. The near three decades old Italian brand has just officially launched its first store here at Ion Orchard (#03-21) two weeks ago.

Here are five things to know about the brand:


Photo: Instagram / @pinkoofficial


1. It is meant for the polished professional as much as the streetwear-loving hypebae

“We want to fight monotony. We don’t like to be boring – being boring will kill the brand,” says Pietro Negra, the CEO and founder of Pinko.

That is why the brand launches new designs that are divided into five different lines every season, with each line meant for different occasions and styles.


Photo: Pinko


The Pre-Collection and Black Collection are the key lines, offering everyday pieces and occasion wear respectively. There is also P_Jean, a ’90s-inspired denim-themed line, C-Clique, an athleisure range, and Uniqueness, for exciting designs created in collaboration with established or up-and-coming artists, designers, stylists or photographers. Past collaborators have included Moncler and Italian stylist Nicola Brogno.

This means that whether you are a professional looking for sleek, office-appropriate outfits, a creative who lives in jeans, a streetwear fan, or just need evening wear for a special event, Pinko has something for you.

“We see other Italian brands like Red Valentino and Missoni as our competitors. But while they design mostly occasion clothing, we are different. We have both occasion wear and street wear and we look towards the younger generations. We are more contemporary.”

Photo: Instagram / @dilettamenta


2. It has its own It bag

Pinko’s signature bag is the Love Bag, which was first launched as a classic flap bag with a buckle moulded into the shape of two lovebirds in mid-flight. Each season, the bag will be released in new shapes, sizes and designs, including classic and mini sizes, top handle versions, shopping totes, and even backpacks – all with the same recognisable buckle.

For F/W ’18, designs launched include classic and mini versions with floral prints and graphic motifs inspired by graffiti, star inlays, and embroidery.

(Not sure which to pick? We’ve heard a certain pearl-studded velvet version is now flying off the shelves here.)

Photo: Pinko


3. No mass production, no sweatshop labour

“Everything is designed in Italy, and mostly manufactured in Italy and other countries in the Mediterranean region. We also produce a small amount of products in China.”

Each design you see in the store here is also likely to have only around 10 pieces available, and once sold, stocks for the same design will not be replenished.


Photo: Instagram / @pinkoofficial


4. It’s a luxury brand without the ultra luxury prices

Prices are not high-street, but they are not ultra high-end either. Separates are $300-400 on average, and dresses start from $500.

P.S. We now also hold the spot as the best place to shop for Pinko in Asia, because prices here are lower than in China or Hong Kong due to taxes/duties working in our favour. The brand has the largest presence in Italy, France, Germany and the UK, and has also been in China and Hong Kong for eight years. Plans are in place to open stores in Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand next season.


Photo: Pinko


5. The brand is committed to sustainability and social corporate responsibility

Pinko has been fur-free since its F/W’16 collection, and for S/S’18, has collaborated with tree-planting association Treedom to plant fruit trees in Kenya. The Pinko headquarters is also designed to use natural lighting and heat effectively, and encourages the use of electric vehicles with charging stations at its parking areas.

In September, the company launched its new Pinko Take Care project at its headquarters to provide employees with free-of-charge medical services, with plans to eventually extend the benefits to its 1,200 employees worldwide. The HQ also has a nursery school for 50 children, and is a pet-friendly space.


Ready to shop Pinko? Let local fashion personality Nicole Wong (@ncwong) show you around the store, then check out some of our favourite pieces from the F/W’18 collection below: