Fashion designer Phillip Lim ponders seaweed career DECORAmerican fashion designer Phillip Lim has discussed what route his life would have taken if he hadn’t worked in clothing.

He loves being outdoors and enjoying fresh air, so would have carved a career which took in nature.

“I’d be a gardener, on the beach or somewhere tropical. Maybe I would go and farm seaweed! I’ve recently really got into gardening. I have a tiny Charlie Brown garden in New York – well it’s more like a converted fire escape – it’s pretty desperate it’s so small.

“But I’ve created a little haven in the sky, it’s really one of my favourite places – everyone in New York craves that outdoor space and now I’ve got a little place all to myself,” he gushed.

Phillip shows his collections in New York and is proud that he always pushes boundaries. He doesn’t understand designers who are too scared to take risks.

“No, I don’t live my life scared, I deal with it. What are you going to do otherwise, cry? Just pour me a drink and I’ll get over it!” he laughed to

Although he loves edgy fashion, Phillip is also a fan of Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge. He understands she has to be careful about the way she dresses and thinks she is doing a fantastic job.

“Kate Middleton is gorgeous – that killer body, it’s like a body of death! So I think it would be easy to dress her. She’s so elegant; she carries herself in a way that goes beyond clothing,” he said.