Pharrell  Cara Delevingne look like a Disney couple for Chanel B1.png

The latest Chanel film is titled “Reincarnation,” starring Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne and directed by Karl Lagerfeld. 

Chanel has revealed a 40-second teaser of the film which will be unveiled in full on on December 1, in celebration of the French brand’s Métiers d’Art show in Salzburg. 

The clip shows one of the faces of the brand, British model and actress Cara Delevingne, dancing with American singer Pharrell Williams, who also composed the film’s soundtrack. In the film the pair are seen wearing clothes that take the viewer back to the full glories of the Viennese imperial court. 

Lagerfeld told WWD that it was Williams who sparked the idea after mentioning to the designer that he’d like to work with Delevingne. The 22-year-old also sings on the soundtrack, and says that when she first heard the news that Williams was writing a duet for her “I was so happy, I think I screamed down the phone at him.”

Check out the teaser: