Personalised, bespoke gemstone jewellery just for you

If you’ve always wanted to get your hands on a piece of fine jewellery that’s exactly the way you want it, you need to try new bespoke, made-to-order jewellery company Madly (Gems) just launched by Kiss92’s Maddy Barber and fine jewellery maker Emily Tan

Do you find yourself eyeing a beautiful piece of fine jewellery just to discover that there’s something not quite “you” about it? Or do you have a lovely bit of heirloom jewellery that you’d love to wear but, again, the style is not quite right?

If this person is you, then you’re the sort of jewellery shopper who really needs to find a bespoke, or made-to-order, jewellery brand to help create exactly what you want. Jewellery, like perfume and art, is intensely personal so it’s no wonder we often find it hard to get exactly what we want.

New bespoke jewellery brand Madly Gems DECOR 1

As a true lover of fine jewellery, this same sort of thing kept happening to radio personality Maddy Barber from Kiss92: “Often I’d walk into a jewellery store and see something nice but not totally ‘me,’ then walk away wishing I could make slight tweaks to it just to call it my own.”

New bespoke jewellery brand Madly Gems DECOR 3New bespoke jewellery brand Madly Gems DECOR 4
Just some of the customised jewellery produced by Madly (Gems) for customers

So, that’s what she did; start her own bespoke jewellery brand. Maddy’s partner is GIA certified gemologist and designer, Emily Tan. Emily has worked for brands like Jimmy Choo Couture in London, Marni in Milan and Kara Ross New York as well as at Singapore fine jeweller La Putri for the last three years, so you know she’s got the skills.

How does it work? Basically you need to organise an appointment with Emily and Maddy to work out exactly what sort of piece you want. You’ll also get to choose your stone, or stones, from a huge range that includes spinels from Burma, sapphires from Sri Lanka, tanzanites from Tanzania and tourmalines from Namibia.

New bespoke jewellery brand Madly Gems DECOR 2New bespoke jewellery brand Madly Gems DECOR 5
Examples of drawings of customised jewellery designs and the stones to be used

Prices start at $990 and will go up to wherever it needs to be depending on the size, quality, type and number of stones in your piece. Madly pieces are all made with 18K gold too. If you’re providing your own gems from heirloom pieces then that will all factor into the final price as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get your ideas ready and make that appointment so you too can be the owner of your very own bespoke piece of fine jewellery.

To book an appointment with Madly (Gems), you can email or contact the team via Facebook at and get some ideas from its Instagram account @MadlyGems_. The Facebook page and Instagram account are updated daily with info on various projects and new gems available.