Sir Paul Smith once visited the Great Wall of China for a day trip.

Due to his hectic lifestyle, the iconic designer can only afford to take a few days off work at a time.

Currently, Smith is planning a whirlwind excursion to Australia, where he will undertake a 48-hour city tour of Sydney and Melbourne.

“I’ve always wanted to go Australia. But I already travel eight months a year and it’s very hard to find gaps. So I began to doing day trips – I did the Great Wall of China for a day, Cambodia for day to see Angkor Wat and I always say I went to Delhi for the day for a takeaway,” he laughed to

The designer feels a strong connection to Australia after staging an exhibition by artist Elisa Jane Carmichael, a descendant of the Quandamooka people of Moreton Bay, Queensland, at his Heathrow T5 boutique in London.

“We are the only airport shop that sells art; and we sold eight of her paintings, which was pretty incredible,” Smith explained.

“I’m tremendously excited to be coming to Australia. I have this image of openness, freedom, attitude, sunsets and Aboriginal art.”

The fashion mogul has a store on Melbourne’s popular Collins Street.

British-born Smith explains he added an English touch to the shop, making it unique.

“Our Melbourne store is doing extraordinarily well – ahead of schedule. What’s lovely is its Victoria Gothic feel, like an old English library. Which makes it very Paul Smith, as I always try to have individuality. Our Melbourne store is an Aladdin’s Cave, where each room has a different feeling and character,” he revealed. – COVER MEDIA