Patrick Robinson for A|X Armani ExchangePatrick Robinson is the new creative director of A|X Armani Exchange.

The designer recently made a comeback with sportswear line Pashko after leaving Gap in May 2011.

Now WWD has announced the fashion mogul will have his hands full, providing product development and creative direction in marketing areas for the luxury label.

Patrick has an impressive list of past ventures in the industry, having been executive vice president of design for Gap Adult and GapBody until his dismissal two years ago.

He has also worked as artistic director for Paco Rabanne and creative director for Perry Ellis’ women’s sportswear line.

Other jobs include a stint at Anne Klein and working for the Armani Collezioni brand.

A|X Armani Exchange also made an announcement that Maggie Rowton Molitor will be the chief merchandise officer.

Patrick took a temporary hiatus from his fashion career following his departure from Gap, keeping a low profile and enjoying some backpacking according to sources.

Recently he announced he was back with Pashko, which he set up via business website Kickstarter. It allows anyone with an interest to donate to get the label up and running.

His business model is focused around the likes and dislikes of his clients.

“When I began shaping the business model for Pashko, the most important thing was that I would be able to engage and connect directly with my customers,” he explained.

“Kickstarter allows me to do that and as well as apply the feedback to the process. Launching a fashion collection today is very different than it was five years ago and this is the way I believe fashion is moving. Kickstarter is not only one of the most innovative platforms for funding today, but also instrumental in creating awareness amongst influencers.”