Zadig Voltaire main.jpgZadig & Voltaire’s Cecilia Bönström says jewellery designer Pamela Love has just the right “rock attitude” to work with the brand.

The company’s artistic director put a lot of time and effort into tracking down New York-based Pamela.

After finally meeting, the two ladies decided on a joint jewellery line called Wild Heart.

“Pamela Love is joined with the rock attitude of Zadig,” she explained to WWD.

“People are going to like [the collection] a lot because you can wear it in many ways.”

The six-item line mixes rock influences with natural elements and features items such as snake rings, horn-shaped earrings and a bird-skull necklace.

Priced between $210 and $560, the pieces are available in silver, antique brass or gold plate and will hit the French contemporary label’s stores in March.

Pamela has already made a name for herself in the US, thanks to her original, edgy creations.

For the accessories designer, the deal could mean a bigger profile in Europe.

“I’m not as well known [in Europe] as I am in America, for sure, and I know that Zadig has a lot of exposure and reach. So I really do hope that it helps to build brand awareness and drive people to discover my main line,” she revealed. “It’s a mixture of my line with the Zadig aesthetic.”

Zadig & Voltaire have previously collaborated with Gaia Repossi to create jewellery and Cecilia has hinted she will design her own “simple” earrings line for Spring 14. – COVER MEDIA