Oscar de la Renta is a “control freak” who likes to be involved in everything to do with his fashion house.

The world famous New York designer will open his two-storey flagship store in London, UK, later this month.

The legendary red gown creator can’t help being excited about the layout of the shop. Despite being 80 years old he has no plans to slow down, and his London opening is just part of his upcoming expansion plans.

“I’m a control freak,” Oscar joked to British Vogue magazine. “I have a very specific idea of what it should look like. I want it to be a frame for what we’re selling, but it should create an atmosphere of comfort. London is the most exciting city in Europe.”

During his 50 years in fashion, Oscar has dressed some of the world’s leading figures from Hollywood stars to royalty. He has designed for Jacqueline Kennedy and Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge as well as for fashion houses Lanvin and Balmain. Despite his achievements, Oscar doesn’t feel like he has peaked with his fashion career just yet.

“I’m not a spring chicken anymore. People ask me, ‘How long are you going to continue?'” Oscar said. “To me, coming here every day is a learning process. The day I know it all is the day I quit.” – COVER MEDIA