Founder Tara Thivolet in India, one of her many stomping grounds to procure pieces for Zojora.

We don’t quite know when the explosion of boho fashion started even as we’ve seen Aztec friendship bracelets, loose easy-going maxi dresses and the many basket bags flood our Instagram feed. But while purchasing items like these from a high-end or high-street brand seems the easiest way out, we’d like you to consider Zojora, a local label who sources such boho-friendly products from around Asia.

Zojora was created out of a woman’s love for travel

A stack of fabrics sourced from India that are waiting to be sewed into products like clutches, cushion covers or pouches.

Founded by Tara Thivolet and her friend in 2012, Zojora (an acronym of the founder’s kids) stocks products from local markets and artisans around  Asia – including Vietnam, India, Bali and further off in Morocco.


Zojora aims to make women look good and empower them too

A women who hand sews embellished clutches. Follow Zojora on Instagram at @Zojora for updates on where she is, what she’s doing and what she’s buying – it’s travel inspiration at its best.

Besides making sure our wrists and homes are well adorned, Tara also works with the social enterprise “Fair Fashion” located in Vietnam which aims to reintegrate victims of sex trafficking or women with disabilities by teaching them to become skilled seamstresses.


Whatever you can purchase is stringently sourced, curated and produced

We don’t know what it is about ethnic jewellery but there’s something incredibly offbeat about wearing a piece

Whilst Tara used to purchase things from bigger countries, she now looks into producing her own things – beads in Thailand and pendants from California are assembled in Singapore whereas her pouches and clutches are made out of fabrics from India or Singapore and sewn in Vietnam.

And if you’re carrying a rattan cross body bag with batik lining today, you have her to thank as she was one of the first in Singapore to import them from Bali. You might not see them on Zojora now as she wants her products to be exclusive, almost like bespoke fashion.


You can now even buy clothing from Zojora

Her latest collection includes tunics made out of lightweight Indian cotton

If you’re already in love with her ethnic bracelets, homeware and trinkets, you can now purchase clothing from her. Spurned out of many requests from her Singaporean clients who love her Indian-manufactured cottons, she now does clothing out of them that wicks away moisture and keeps your body cool.


Or….for your favourite woman in your life

Ethnic pouches produced from the same fabric Tara sources from India.

Tara’s range of clothing for Zojora has now expanded to include kaftans, dresses and shirts that are worn by women ranging from teenagers to grandmothers. Fastest fingers first though as she keeps her production small for quality control.

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