Content producer: Hayden Ng. Grooming: Christine Lim using Shu Uemura and Redken. Special thanks to Under Armour.

Our previous series of fitness videos showcased two simple workouts that’ll help you get toned arms and thighs, so you must be looking pretty fabulous by now. In the final episode of our three-part online get-fit tutorial, we’re focusing on yet another tricky body part – the abdomen.

We know how frustrating it can be when our stomach gets in the way when all we want to do is to wear a crop top or midriff dress. And we’ll admit it, not all of us have rock-hard abs that are ready to receive the attention bestowed upon Calvin Klein underwear models.


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Or perhaps the reason behind why you want a flatter stomach is less about vanity; maybe your resolution is to shed some weight for better health in 2017. Whatever your reason, we’ve asked the dishy fitness instructor and Director of Rising Fitness, Alex Mok to guide us through with this easy-peasy exercise.

Play the video above, follow the instructions and try it out yourself today.  


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Get a toned tummy with V Ups


  • Begin by laying flat on a mat. Position your hands above your head and place them on the mat.

  • For beginners, bend your knees and keep your heels close to the glutes. For a more advanced workout, keep your legs slightly bent.

  • Inhale and push your hands to the ground while your knees reach for the chest (beginners level).

  • Inhale and push your hands towards your ankles while your knees reach for the chest (advanced level).

  • Exhale as you reach a crunch position and hold for one or two seconds.

  • Complete four sets of 15.

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