Seriously, we’d love to sign up on every talk this New York-based designer is on, if we could.


In his conversation with  CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) head Steven Kolb, Thakoon Panichgul got real with what all aspiring young designers should focus on, while also being very funny with his personal anecdotes. The Thakoon designer talked frankly about how all of his life prior to starting his own label — his business school education, merchandising experience and a magazine writing stint — all played a strategic role when he was starting a new label.

He also cautioned the young ‘uns about being focused on what they really want to do: “You need to decide if you want to be a designer or if you want to be famous … If you want to be famous, being a designer is not for you.”

It might be a well-worn design trope but Singapore designer Priscilla Shunmugam still managed to reinvent the kimono for her latest Cruise 2016 collection. Thick obi belts were seen on shirt dresses while other frocks and jumpsuits became fused with a kimono-inspired wraparound belt ties. Wide billowing sleeves and knots too, were amongst the distinctively Japanese-inspired details seen in the collection.

Ong Shunmugam Cruise 2016. All Images: Wesley Kow/ Narcissisthephotographer

“The kimono, being the definitive traditional Japanese outfit for women, forms the basis for the collection but we are careful with appropriating it so that we never actually reproduce the kimono,” explains Shunmugam, in a press release shared prior to the catwalk show. “Instead we’ve broken it down into singular components and then reconstructed fresh pieces for the modern wardrobe.” 

The local design hero also made sure to feature a full line-up with 17 Asian models from China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore and Taipei; something we totally support and love! Go Priscilla! Go Asia power!

Style blogger Velda Tan said that starting her own label was “a leap of faith”; she took her first steps with her debut Collate The Label Pre-Fall collection, with 20 looks on show and many local stars showing up in support.

(L-R): Jeanette Aw, Oon Shu An, Sheila Sim, Rachel Lim and Viola Tan. All Images: Wesley Kow/ Narcissisthephotographer

Singapore stars Jeanette Aw, Jade Seah, Oon Shu An, deejay-host Rosalyn Lee and top model Sheila Sim were among the front-rowing folks spotted at her show. The Love, Bonito co-founders Rachel Lim and Viola Tan (Velda herself was formerly one of them) also made an appearance together to root for the fledgling brand.

Collate The Label Pre-Fall 2015. All Images: Wesley Kow/ Narcissisthephotographer

The collection itself featured plenty of muted pastels and Velda Tan-endorsed essentials like jumpsuits, camisoles, long vests and slouchy pant suits. The pieces though, seemed a bit ill-fitting on the reed-thin runway models; turns out you do need those ‘real woman’ curves to fill up a Collate The Label piece, for Velda Tan herself looked far more suited to her jumpsuit than the statuesque models.


Exhibit x ALT by Curated Editions. All Images: Wesley Kow/ Narcissisthephotographer

The third show of the night saw the second fashionable team-up between the in-house brands of two multi-label stores (Exhibit and Curated Editions), featuring Charles & Keith shoes too. We also spotted Australian style star Margaret Zhang in attendance; she was seen on the front row of the earlier Ong Shunmugam show too.


Fail-safe monochrome pieces from Exhibit were layered with mesh or tulle and paired with cut-out gold cuffs from ALT by Curated Editions. But the lady who dresses in black-and-white Exhibit pieces does have a playful streak too; the final looks saw yarn pom poms fringing the ends of pants, dresses and crop tops.

What do you get when a model-actor turns deejay for the night? A full house party of course, as revellers thronged the H&M Orchard Building store just to catch a glimpse of Godfrey Gao spinning the decks and picking out the tunes for party hour.


Maybe this could be the start of this statuesque star’s deck-spinning dreams. Lucky partygoers who managed to get up-close and personal said they saw Godfrey Gao’s laptop for his selected tracks labelled with the words “DJ Goddy God” — we kid you not — as he spun the best of Top 40 hits and more at the H&M-led Singapore Fashion Week party.

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