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The fashion industry of the 21st century is extremely fast moving and competitive.

In order to stay on top of their game, many brands employ the emotional appeal tactic to persuade us to part with our money!

They make us feel like we need to constantly purchase something new to stay ahead of the style game. And that’s completely untrue. Style and substance comes from within; not buying into trends mindlessly.

Cue the ‘Buy-Now-Wear-Forever’ theory. While I understand it’s hard to resist the temptation of buying trendy items, abiding by this one single shopping rule will definitely change your life. 

The Buy-Now-Wear-Forever theory 

This theory is about how we should shop smart by only purchasing classic items that are made to last. Whenever you are about to purchase something, check your purchase against this checklist: 

(a) Is this item made out of quality materials?
If you are purchasing an item of clothing, check the garment label to ensure that it’s made of natural materials like cotton, silk and wool. These materials withstand wear and washing better, so you get more mileage out of these pieces. Avoid man-made materials such as polyester, acetate, viscose and rayon as they have a tendency to fall apart after a couple of wears. 

(b) Will I still use it for the next couple of years?
It’s easy to succumb to the temptation of buying trending items just so you can ‘sit’ with the cool and fashionable crowd. Take a step back and think it through before committing to the purchase. Ask yourself if this ‘IT’ bag that you are ‘so obsessed with right now’ suits your overall style, and if you would want to be seen carrying this bag 5 years down the road. Buy pieces that are more in tune with your own personal style rather than the trend of the moment. 

(c) Does this item fill a need in my wardrobe?
You’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you wanted to make a last minute purchase to impress a date or your friends at a gathering because you can’t find anything suitable to wear in your wardrobe. However, this purchase is usually made on impulse and the item of clothing will probably be forgotten in the back of your wardrobe with little or no wear afterwards. Try to only buy an item if it fills a gap in your wardrobe. 

How will using this rule change your life?

This mini checklist forces you to think about your potential purchase in the grand scheme of things. You start shopping more strategically instead of mindlessly, which helps you close up your wardrobe gaps. You will find yourself ditching low-quality items you buy on a whim and investing in smarter buys that you will use for a longer period of time. 

When you add items to your wardrobe thoughtfully, it makes it so easy to look good on a daily basis.You will be able to pull a great ensemble together in a snap because all your clothes are your favourite clothes. Trust me, this one simple rule will have an insanely rejuvenating effect on your wallet and wardrobe.