Olympia Le-Tan has debuted her guest handbag collection. The accessories designer created 36 bags for Pitti W., the women’s version of the famed biannual menswear show Pitti Uomo that is held in Florence, Italy.

Olympia Le Tan premieres Pitti W. bags Olympia Le Tan premieres Pitti W. bags

Olympia Le-Tan and one of her Pitti W. bag designs. Image right: Fashionista.com

Fashionista.com reports that Olympia conducted extensive research before crafting her pieces. “I studied Italian literature and chose [to make bags] according to the books and movies I like,” Olympia told reporters at the Pitti W. press conference.

Olympia was the first ever designer to be invited to create a collection for the trade show. She is honoured that her designs has such a wide appeal.

“I rather like to see someone I don’t know wearing my bag in the street and I have no idea how they got it,” Olympia said. “Of course, it’s nice when Natalie Portman is wearing one at a premiere, too.”

Releasing cookbook and milk carton clutches in the past, Olympia is known for her innovation with bag design. For Pitti W.’s collection, Olympia stretched her imagination further, creating pieces shaped as round film canisters that are embroidered with the title of a classic Italian feature like La Dolce Vita or Riso Amaro.

Olympia, whose designs are beloved by the likes of Olivier Zahm and Sofia Coppola, plans to expand creatively this year. “Next season [for Fall/Winter 12/13] I will do a few items of clothing,” Olympia shared. “But definitely not a runway show.”  © COVER MEDIA