Olivia Palermo has a “great appreciation” for fine clothes.

The 25-year-old model-and-actress is fond of a great array of attire. Fashion is an industry that has always piqued Olivia’s interest.

“I have a great appreciation for fashion,” Olivia told OK! magazine. “It’s not just about wearing a pretty dress; it’s understanding fashion and really loving it.”

Olivia has a distinct set of rules she adheres to whilst putting together an outfit. The star believes that following simple guidelines will create a stunning ensemble.

“A woman always looks incredibly sexy with a great stiletto on. You can’t go wrong,” Olivia declared. “[Colour is also] so important when getting ready. When I worked with Diane von Furstenberg, she’s all about colour. She taught me that.”

Having variety in her wardrobe is very important to Olivia.

“[My style is] eclectic,” she explained. “The great thing about fashion is mixing and matching and wearing high end and lower end together.”

Although her armoire may be overflowing with diverse garb, it is not messy. Olivia cannot tolerate jumbled closets.

“I have some serious OCD. [My wardrobe’s] kept very tidy, and I keep it in order.” © COVER MEDIA