Nicholas Kirkwood: Shoe comfort is keyNicholas Kirkwood once “squeezed” into a pair of high heels, so knows comfort is key.

The footwear designer has discussed what makes the perfect pair of shoes. He believes his designs are particularly good because he understands how vital it is that they don’t pinch or make feet ache.

“I managed to squeeze into a pair once and that was really painful, but they were two sizes too small and I wasn’t used to walking in high heels!” he laughed. “Comfort is definitely important – absolutely. I have a very slightly wider fit than some other designers, just literally a couple of millimetres, but it makes a huge difference when you have to stand in them all day.”

Nicholas believes the look of shoes will change over the next few years. Extreme heels have stopped being as popular over the last few seasons, which he thinks is good.

Although the designer will always be impressed by a pair of beautifully crafted heels, he insists they must always be wearable.

“There was one season where models were falling over every other show,” he recalled to British magazine InStyle.

“Platforms and heels got so high, it was like, ‘OK, time out.’ It reached a pinnacle. It’s going back the other way: heels are not nearly as extreme, there are more single soles and fewer platforms.”