You’ve landed yourself a man, invaded his place (obviously) and now, you’ve even stolen the perfect oversized white shirt from him. What do you then pair it with? Well, look towards local label KNITS Capsule for pieces that threads both genders – they feel like your boyfriend’s comfiest clothing but still look feminine.

Launched in July by founder Cammy Wong, their debut collection Enhanced Minimalism might seem like a mouthful but that’s where we break it down for you. Simply put, the pieces are plain in fit but complex in style. Think a basic cotton shirtdress with ringlets, a sun dress that comes with drawstring knots and a boxy oversized 2-piece co-ord to minimize early morning wardrobe induced headaches.

Cotton dress with pockets, $69

This is a 100% cotton dress WITH pockets, what more do you need to know?
Cotton shirt dress with ring details, $79

Pull the ribbons through the rings to take your pre-brunch #ootd and release it after your meal – it’s your new two-in-one dress.
Cotton sundress, $89

There are sundresses and then, there is this sundress. The three layers of drawstring details allow you to adjust the fit and length with ease.
Cotton top and culottes, $55 each

The top has a subtle A-line fit to hide a multitude of sins and the culottes actually has gasp, pockets.
Cotton top and culottes, $55 each

A reason to purchase this set in blue too? You know have 4 variations to wear this co-ord.

Polyester-blend top, $59

If your best side is your back side, this top is a winner. Otherwise, it looks good from the front too.

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