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Rebecca Lim opens up about being an introvert who feels lonelier in big groups

Putting on a good show is easily one of Rebecca Lim's talents. After all, the actress has won 13 awards and is a familiar face on screen. But she's an introvert who prefers minimal human interaction

What a difference five years can make. When I first met Rebecca Lim in February 2014 at a mutual friend’s birthday party, she was 27 years old and had yet to win any Star Awards other than two Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes titles. She was friendly but soft-spoken, and kept mostly to herself or just laughed along with others’ jokes.

Today, two Best Actress, one Best Supporting Actress, and another six Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes awards as well as the Her World June 2019 issue’s cover shoot later, Rebecca’s voice is firmer and her posture more confident as we chat about how far she’s come.


Currently filming the fifth season of Mediacorp series C.L.I.F., Rebecca has won a Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award for eight consecutive years now, and I joke that she might soon go home empty-handed if she also wins for the next two years. (It’s a Mediacorp rule that any artiste who wins the award for 10 consecutive years will no longer be eligible for it.)

“I know! That’s what my colleagues were teasing me about,” Rebecca chuckles. “But to be honest, I also think there will be a certain relief when that pressure to win for another consecutive year is off.”

A true introvert


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In a cathartic reflection on her life, Rebecca confides: “In my 20s, I was definitely not as sure of myself as I am today. I used to be a people pleaser and would give countless chances to those whom I considered friends, even when they would repeatedly disappoint me.” 

“Today, I only have five good friends. They include my sister and personal assistant, so that’s really how few friends I have. The number goes down as my age goes up,” she adds, laughing. Just as I thought I’d had a glimpse of a new-found cynicism in her, Rebecca quips wisely: “But there’s actually a sense of respite in this, because an uncomplicated life is quite a blissful one.”

Rebecca’s introversion has been innate for as long as she can remember. “Sometimes I’d really rather be alone because there are moments when I feel lonelier in a big group,” she says matter-of-factly. “I’ve always been this way. If you look at my old photos, I’m always the one in the corner, or not smiling as much in groups.”

Her perfect idea of unwinding after work is to take her dog for long walks or stay in bed watching television, with minimal human interaction.

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