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The most outrageous, fashionable looks that Queen of Pop Madonna has served us with

On her 61st birthday, Madonna has proven time and time again that she is indeed the queen of reinvention

6. The ’05 Hang Up



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When you’ve reinvented yourself countless of times over two decades like what Madonna has done, you’ll probably choose to do a shocker like what she did with her outfit in her 2005’s hit single Hung Up. The fishnet tights, leotard and boots make a comeback but she chose to mix things up with a statement coloured biker jacket, oversized sunglasses and tightly tonged hair. If you’re going to make confessions on a dance floor, you should be wearing this look.


7. The ’12 Voguette

If you ask anybody what Madonna song they know, they’ll probably say Vogue and it’s not hard to see why they chose the ‘90s house thumping tune. Madonna has performed the song countless of times in various different outfits: Brit-Aristocratic opulent, her signature leotards + fishnet tights and athleisure wear but for her 2012 MDNA tour, she chose the classic white shirt and pinstripes trouser combo. The cherry on top of the icing? A reboot of the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier conical bra.


8. The ’12 Superbowl Queen

The Superbowl halftime show has attracted some of the most iconic singers of our generation, such as Prince, U2, Shania Twain and Toni Braxton, but we can guarantee you that none of them had a more extravagant entrance like Madonna. Pulled on a chariot by men dressed like gladiators à la Cleopatra, her choice of a Greco-Roman outfit was by none other than Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci who obviously understands the artist’s penchant for showmanship and standing out.


9. The ’13 Met Gala Punk


#madonnametgala #punk The only one who actually wore something punk inspired.

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The Met Gala retrospectives have spanned some of the most difficult themes to adhere to for guests, which is why they’re not short of celebrities who just end up wearing evening gowns and pretty-pie makeup. But if you’re the queen of serving looks, you’d enlist Ricardo Tisci during his Givenchy era to dress you. The DIY-looking embellished plaid jacket, the fishnet body suit, aggressive jewellery and neon pumps prove that Madonna always hits the best dressed (and most theme appropriate) list.


10. The ’18 Met Gala


I am Here to Serve #catholicimagination #metgala #Jpgaultier #blessed

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The 2018’s Met Gala theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination which was of course, a theme missed by the bulk of the celebrities based on the photos we’ve seen. If you’ve caught Anna Wintour’s interviews on the event, you might have picked up that they nearly lost Madonna as a performer but thank goodness they didn’t — if not, we might not have seen the queen of pop in her Jean Paul Gaultier custom made opulence.