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Save the Earth one outfit at a time with these eco-friendly brands

Who says conscious shopping can't be stylish, comfortable and convenient? Check out these eight eco-friendly brands that are making a change

eco friendly fashion labels

Photos: Brands' respective Instagram

For many of us, buying a new button-up top or a pair of jeans from our favourite fast fashion brand may just be a force of habit. But with practices such as using an immense amount of water, harmful pesticides and creating massive amounts of waste, the textile industry causes a significant impact on our deteriorating environment every year.

Some labels have, however, stepped up to the plate of making a change and use eco-friendly, sustainably sourced materials in their clothing. They also offer beautiful, classic designs that can now rival fast fashion giants.

We’ve rounded up eight such brands whose practices make a much lighter dent in the earth’s natural resources. Join in the movement and make your next shopping haul a guilt-free, environmentally responsible one.