Sought after by many, particularly after the brand’s revival in 2011 under the direction of Ramesh Nair, Moynat designer handbags are a mark of quality design, luxurious fabrics and excellent taste.

Last week saw such iconic pieces hit our shores as the brand opened ‘Moynat Singapore’ – the brand’s first in Southeast Asia.

To celebrate this opening, Moynat designed a Singapore exclusive – the Rejane bag reworked with some extra-special touches, just for us.



As a firm favourite already, the Rejane bag is the epitome of the brand itself – representing the friendship between these two formidable women: brand founder Pauline Moynat and actress Gabrielle Rejane.

The Singapore exclusive has been given a Crocodile Céramique finish, inspired by the ancient glazing of Asian ceramics and developed by Ramesh Nair through the use of dyeing and polishing techniques. It is made out of materials sourced from Singapore – specifically from Heng Long Crocodile Farm, a tannery bought over by LVMH in 2011. Nice touch.

It takes roughly 20 hours to make this bag, with the edges painted and waxed eight times to achieve the final soft-to-touch seamless edge and aesthetic finish. Every part is lovingly made and thought-through with meticulous detail, including the front metallic clasp closure.



But that’s not all…

The store itself will stock, albeit in limited quantity due to the time it takes to produce such luxury goods, other women’s and men’s leather goods and accessories, including The Vanity Bag and The Limousine Voyage Duffle Bag to name a few.

The store has been carefully designed with a curved ceiling that emulates the shape of the Moynat trunk and the silhouette of a limousine invites you in from the large glass panelled front window.

Inside the store you also get the brand’s famous personalisation services, where an artist will hand-paint your chosen design, initials or any type of request made.



If the Rejane hasn’t quite captured your heart, check out the other iconic staples below that can also be found, in limited quantities, in store.


The Madeleine

The Gabrielle

The Limousine

The Bellerine

The Mini Vanity

The Limousine Set

Saddle Rejane

Store Address:

Level 1 Atrium

Takashimaya Shopping Centre