Mind-blowing trick to make your perfumes last longer! B1.png

This sexy back belongs to one Charlie Hunnam, previously slated to play the Christian Grey. We’ll never know what may be … but he’s selling the hell out of Ck’s new scent! © Reveal by Calvin Klein 

A recent tête-à-tête with alabaster A-lister Tang Wei, in which she professed to being partial to spritzing on her skincare, got me thinking about how cavalier I am towards my colognes.

Confession: Up until a week ago, I was dousing myself with a near-empty bottle that’s buried at the back of my bathroom bureau – which in itself seems fine, until I discovered a fetid dead bug fouling up the flacon. Nasty.

Short of squirrelling them away in an airtight armoury, how should you store your scents so that they don’t go off? The solution, as it turns out, is so very simple. Direct from the Why Didn’t Anyone Think Of This Sooner Department, I present to you this scent-sational secret – protect your perfumes by chucking them in the fridge.

When you think about it, this beauty hack is incredibly intuitive. High heat vapourises the volatile essential oils in your perfumes, so chilling them ought to make them go the extra mile. Besides, you’re already doing this for your face creams, so why not fragrances? Makes a whole lot of “scents”, yes?

Crucial caveat: You need to play it cool, not cold. Freezing your fragrance will blunt its sharpness, so I like sticking my bottles right next to the eggs on the edge of my fridge’s door for both easy retrieval and peace of mind.

Best of all, this neat trick comes with a cool beauty bonus: A spritz or two on your neck and pulse points is almost as good as sipping on an icy margarita, especially when it’s hot as blazes outside.

Mind-blowing trick to make your perfumes last longer! B2.png

Thinking of restocking the bar fridge in your boudoir? Singapore’s sultry stickiness demands flirty florals, so zero in on Kenzo’s fabulous Flower In The Air (pictured above at left), with its Parisian poppy poshness; or try the new Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs, an ethereal ether with whispers of blue wisteria and cold coconut water.

Another contender vying for my fragrance “heart”? The ravishing Reveal by Calvin Klein, which teeters on the edge of erotic euphoria with velvety vetiver and violet oris.  

So yes, try this cool tip on for size the next time you’re scent shopping and you’ll see that the nose knows when a fragrance is fresh. Have fun summer spritzing!

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs EDT Spray, from $88 for 30ml, is available from August 2014 at all Marc Jacobs and Sephora stores. For more information, visit www.marcjacobs.com/marc-jacobs/fragrance and follow Marc Jacobs on Facebook.

Kenzo Flower In The Air EDT and EDP, from $76 and $90 for 30ml respectively, are available at all Kenzo and Sephora stores. For more information, visit www.kenzoparfums.com/en.

Reveal by Calvin Klein EDP, from $94 for 30ml, is available from October 2014 at all Calvin Klein and Sephora stores. For more information, visit explore.calvinklein.com/en_SG/explore/ckfragrances and follow Calvin Klein on Facebook.