Michael Kors offers ‘skywalk’ showMichael Kors celebrated the opening of his Taiwan store with a “skywalk” runway.

The 53-year-old designer commemorated the official launch of his Chinese store on Friday with a fashion show “situated above the streets of Xinyi” according to WWD.

The website reports that the specially designed catwalk was built inside a “skywalk bridge” and featured “local” models, who graced the runway wearing selected looks from Kors’ fall line.

The fashion show was attended by a range of Asian stars, including Hong Kong actress Angelababy.

Kors’ new store is a 2,800-square-foot unit inside Taipei 101.

John Idol – chairman and chief executive officer of the luxe label – aims to open more shops in the region in the near future.

Kors recently spoke of his extreme work ethic. The American star prides himself on being hard-working and taking his job seriously.

“I’m a dervish! I’m either a dervish or I’m collapsed! I have no middle ground. I don’t understand people who have a normal nine-to-five job. I’m either literally passed out on a beach with a stack of terrible tabloids or working 19 hours a day,” he laughed.